Get Involved

Interested in making ghostwriter even better? Please read the sections below to see what you can contribute.

Please note that pull requests for anything but translations or simple documentation fixes will not be accepted for the time being. Likewise, please do not use the GitHub issue tracker to request new features.

Bug Reports

Found a bug? Please report it on the GitHub issue tracker here.


With Qt Linguist, you can translate ghostwriter into other languages, or update an existing translation file. The translations/ directory within the source code repository contains all the .ts files you need to get started.

Wiki Documentation

Found a workaround for a common issue? Have any useful tips? Please document your insights on the Wiki.

Tech Support

Knowledgeable about Linux or building for MacOS? Know how to fix that one issue others keep running into? Your answering user questions and troubleshooting in the GitHub issue tracker would be much appreciated!

Automated Builds

The ghostwriter project uses continuous integration for its Linux builds to provide both staging and stable releases. Sadly, this capability has not been implemented for Windows or MacOS.

If you are familiar with GitHub activities or Travis CI, please consider creating automated builds for one or both of these platforms. These builds will ideally provide installable executables and--in the case of Windows 10--a portable version of the application within a Zip file.